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Stamps Collecting Tools

You can practice this hobby from now if you have the desire to do that, it’s available to all people as it provides enjoyment and culture in addition financial gain and savings, it doesn’t need very big expenses or special equipment, but it requires some simple tools and inexpensive. 1- Album of postage stamps: It’s the first tools that you need as amateur before the beginning in this hobby, The first album appeared after the stamp had appeared for 10 years, This is due to Belgian teacher has innovated them, he encouraged the students to use the stamps in...

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The Beginning of Stamp Collecting

It ‘s also known Stamp collecting, philately. Stamp collecting hobby is well known all over the world, It’s one of the oldest hobbies. It has most respect and appreciation, it’s also called kings hobby and the queen of hobbies, it’s practiced from king George V of England, US President Franklin D. Roosevelt and  the other famous people. Before Innovating stamps, the messages was sealed by seal ring outside the messages, they were folded and  sealed by seal of red wax, it was estimated according to the distance and papers number and  who pay the amount of money is the...

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