The first profession that a person took to live was hunting wild, so getting food was his first concern, so he ran after the animals and with every hunting trip he developed from his weapons a stone and spears, so we ponder until we got to advanced hunting weapons that capture prey like a falcon’s eye.

Hunting isn’t weapons’ directed at the prey, it have many types and it requires special skills , and its gears are variable , so Hunting is good hobby and have great benefit

10 benefit of hunting:

1- It increase social and boost relationship:

These social benefits are what enticed many to go hunting initially and what makes them continue to participate. Some enjoy the challenges that temperature.

2- It gives you the opportunity to spend time in nature so:

Many people in our nowadays society have completely lost their connection to nature. Especially if you had been borne in a big city, chances are that you will live city life without spending too much time in natural environments.

3- It learn you patient and increase it:

when you hunting, you will have to wait many hours until a deer comes by. Some days, you will not even see any animal at all and you will have to go home without a trophy. Hence, through hunting, you will really learn how to become patient.

4- You can sharpen your senses:

Hunting is that you will also be able to sharpen your senses. In order to be able to hunt animals, you will have to use all your senses. This not only includes using your eyes, it also includes using your sense of hearing in order to detect movements in the bushes or in forests.

5- It can help to reduce our stress level:

It can be a quite nice hobby since you will have time for yourself and you will also be able to spend your time in a quiet forest.

Moreover, in case you turn off your phone, you will also no longer get messages and you will also not be available for phone calls anymore.

6- It can be very good for the environment:

The reason why is because it can help prevent animals from spreading diseases to other animals. From what I have heard from people with hunting experiences is that it takes a lot of work in order to even get started with hunting.

There are mental health benefits for just being outdoors:

7- Natural antidepressant:
8- Lowers blood pressure and heart rate.
9- It can help you to improve your fitness.
10- Sunshine increases vitamin D intake.