viewhobby gives you the advice, lessons, knowledge and anything belongs to the hobbies, our aim is helping people and get benefits to them, these get to them peace, happiness and goodness in any field in life.

Discover yourself, find out your hobby which you prefer and love, you can get back to your old closet getting out the brush and colors and young drawings or getting out your notebook and reading what you wrote in your first love.

Yes, you can start from scratch with viewhobby, You can specify time to do what you love and empty the energy inside you and negative charges that you receive during the day of work as work problems, overcrowded in the city you live and financial problems, All of that you can solve by getting back to practice your old hobby and reading about it, be professional in it, you can find out many hobbies inside you and you don’t know.

The hobbies and your lover:

The hobby can facilitate the way to lover heart, by knowing too much about the hobby he loves, reading about it, knowing everything belongs to that hobby, sharing him, talking about it, this interest has great and deep effect in the relationship between you and him (her).

The hobbies and your kids:

The hobby for the kids aren’t just occupying their spare time but the hobby is their job, we should help them to do their jobs, with giving them advice and guide them, that makes the relationship more lovely and estimated or appreciated, with View Hobby, You can know more about the hobby for the kids and how can you give them the chance to their creativeness.

The hobby and the money:

The most important reason for miserable life is lack of money to provide the essential needs for life. Because we speak about the hobby which is considered the most important reason for happiness and make the mood better, it also reliefs the worry and disturbance, it also save the money, in the beginning it may be low money but it can be double if you become professional in the hobby which helps you to earn money.

The hobby and the culture:

The culture is something we can acquire from your hobby,
The culture has many types (common culture and specific culture). If your hobby is reading that makes you careerist and having general culture including many fields that makes you talk and discuss with people in your work, neighbors or anyone with self-confidence what makes people look is different.

If your hobby is drawing and you read about it and practice for years, it gives you private culture in this field, that makes you pacesetter for people or teacher asks him to help them.