Hiking involves walking across long distances generally on paths. The duration of the activity varies between short half-day programs and longer itineraries of over 20 days. It is usually an activity that allows groups of different sizes.

Hiking is a great way to inundate yourself in the culture and history of a country or area. Longer programs will take you to experience local communities and taste unique local food. Hiking is where the trail meets the people, and mountain sports meet cultural adventure.

Type of Hiking :

1- Short hikes :

Hikes can be as short as half a day or 1 day, as a great complement to a short trip, for example, and always a great way to connect with your more natural self. Hikes can also involve a series of days.

2-Long hikes – or treks :

Some hiking (or trekking) programs involve over 12 days, covering dozens of kilometers. These programs generally include spending the night in tents, camps or mountain huts.

These tend to be opportunities to visit more remote local areas, and create a more cultural experience as well as natural.

You can practice this hobby with your family and share the activities of hiking with them

Activities of Hiking :

Hikers can hike for hours without losing interest in the sights and sounds of the trail. Some like to disconnect by listening to their favorite tunes, while others need something extra to keep them hopeful. If you’ve ever been hiking with kids, you’ll know how important it is to keep them entertained while hiking, which is wear trail games come in!

in another post of hiking we mention activities of hiking , there we introduce the activity of hiking in details.

1- Nature photography :

Even people who feel uncomfortable in front of the camera love taking photos. You can use your hiking trips to improve photography skills or set a photography challenge to slow down the fastest hikers in the group. There’s no need to buy a rugged camera or DSLR for this hiking activity as most smartphones have a decent enough camera

2- Twenty questions :

This is another trail game that will distract your mind but leave your feet free to hike.

How to play :
  • One person in the group thinks of a word; it can be a place, person, or item.
  • Other hikers take turns to ask questions and guess what the person is thinking of.
  • As a group, you have a total of twenty questions. Whoever guesses the word, has to think of a place, person, or thing for the next round.
  • If playing with kids, you can make the game easier by deciding a category (e.g. cartoon characters, movies, foods, countries) and thinking of something from that category.
  • To make it harder, you can allow abstract nouns and historical events or reduce the number of questions.

3- Hiking Scavenger Hunt :

It is activities for kids
Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt? This one is really simple: Make a list of items everyone has to find, and the first one to find them all wins! (Kids don’t have to actually collect the objects; they can announce their finds to the group for a Leave-No-Trace-friendly approach.) Here’s a list to get you started—but get creative! (Stumped? Find more scavenger hunt tips.)

  • Four different shades of green
  • Something blue
  • Heart-shaped rock
  • Piece of litter (Pick it up and carry it out!)
  • Something made by humans

4- The alphabet game :

this game with kids and adults , so hiking game that’s child-friendly and fun for adults.

How to play :
  • Choose a topic. (e.g. countries, cities, animals, famous people, cartoon characters, foods, types of plants)
  • Start with the letter A. Everyone in the group must think of something from the chosen topic that begins with the letter A. (e.g. the topic is countries. For A you can say Argentina, Armenia, Afghanistan, etc.)
  • Continue with the letter B (e.g. Bolivia, Botswana, Belgium, etc.)
  • Keep going until you’ve completed the alphabet, then choose another topic.
  • If there’s no word for a letter for your topic, you can skip it. (e.g. there are no countries that begin with the letter X). But if there is and your teammate can’t think of it, they are out of the game or should complete a forfeit to stay in the game. It is good activities of hiking

5- Nice-Smell Social :

How to play ?

Take a deep breath in your habitat. Can you detect any special aroma in this place?

What if you were to take a closer smell around you? Challenge each member of the group to think of this as an ice cream social, but instead of composing a sundae out of their favorite ice cream and toppings, they will create a “sundae” of the best smells they can find in the place. When sundaes are complete, have a social! Take a relaxing tour around all the members of the groups and find out what their aromatic ingredients are.

6- Fishing :

There are usually plenty of native fish, and sometimes your local department of fish and game may even stock semi-remote lakes.

I’d much rather eat fish from a backcountry stream than one that runs straight through the middle of any city. That said, local fishing regulations still apply ,so make sure you understand the rules and have your fishing license handy… just in case. so you can practice another hobby like fishing when you hike.

7- Tracking :

I imagine that in a survival situation, being able to track animals would come in very handy. But since most of us aren’t in survival mode when we’re out on a hike, it’s more of a fun, educational activity for hikers — although of course, being alert to signs that potentially dangerous animals are in the area is always a good thing.