Glass is an authentic relationship to design and decoration, so painting on glass has its beauty and privacy inside the home. also The finished art glass is a combination of many advantages, more in line with the various requirements of modern home repair.

unique Features of painting on glass:

Rich in shape and pattern

beautiful colors

Beautiful decorative effect

Green and environmentally friendly

Drawing on glass complements the decoration in terms of fashion and colors, as well as each piece of glass has an individual character that resembles nothing but the same.

It is wonderful art, with a simple touch, the glass household utensils turn into elegant masterpieces decorated with flowers and geometric shapes in all colors of the rainbow.

There are many countries have stores or gallery for antique ,and Have glass drawing , for example Tea cups, cups for water and juice, vases, bottles of various uses.

Advantages of painting on glass:

1- It is the art of drawing on glass that allows unlimited possibilities of creativity and innovation.

also it can become your hobby because it is uncomplicated and only needs some skill and lightness.

2- painting on glass doors and windows, is a suitable surrogate to heavy curtains made of cloth that block the sunlight. so it protects your home from the curious eyes.

3- drawing on glass of window and doors makes you enjoy the colors of light-reflecting painting, as if you are in front of a painting.

4- You become more observant of the details, these hobby would enable one to become more observant of the details of his surroundings.

As one is more exposed to light, darkness, color, shading, and many other properties of painting and drawing.

5- It Strengthens Memory drawing increase memory recollection skills and works to sharpen the mind through conceptual visualization and implementation.

6- It increase of emotional intelligence and more positive emotion.

7- It increase creativity We were born to be creative. As humans we are all creative. As adults we can achieve more if we are being creative in all aspects of our life.

Another benefit of painting on glass is improving the Health of human:

1- drawing on glass increase an Optimistic Attitude:

drawing boosts self-esteem and inspires people to reach new levels of skill.

drawing also produces a relaxing, open environment where artists feel safe to explore their own creativity. The reward of growing and expanding artistic skills creates a sense of accomplishment. Creating visually appealing artwork that others admire gives the painter a sense of pride and happiness in the work.

2- promotes Problem-Solving and Motor Skills:

A drawer should think conceptually to bring another solutions to life while drawing. What the drawer imagines when beginning a drawing often changes drastically during the drawing .

The artistic vision evolves during the drawing process, promotes important problem-solving skills. Thinking outside the box becomes second nature to a drawer.