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Benefit of reading

Reading has more benefits makes the reader happy, have unique personality. Charisma is different from others. Also reading is very important things in our life, so Reading has more benefits; by reading we can collecting greater amount of information and developing the individual's sum of knowledge. so there are benefit of reading: Benefit of reading

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Hobby of reading

Reading makes the reader travel through the world while he is in his place,every human on the earth can live one life ,but the matter is different for those who find pleasure in the hobby of reading, Reading is a good hobby that is increase our knowledge level. and helps us to improve our skills,

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The most famous cat breeds

some people their hobby to get cat , But they don't aware cat breeds and the benefit of most famous cat breed and the benefit of the best breeds. Persian cat Persian cat is the most famous cat breeds Persian cat the most popular cat breed in united state and most famous breeds. The

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Siamese cat

Cats are the most common pets throughout the world, in 2019 the worldwide population exceeds 500 million ,The cat is either a house cat or a farm cat, which are pets, or a feral cat, which ranges freely and avoids human contact ,also cats have good role to control ecological balance for rodents. And cats

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The magic of music

The music is more than these: We always hear and repeat that the music is the food of soul, but in reality the music is more than that, it's an expression mean and communicating, it's the first language in the whole world which all creatures mastered, it doesn't need translator or moderator, only collect

The music influence

The music tunes affect on everything live directly (human – animal – plant), there are many studies to the music influence in many and various sides as (emotional – spiritual – social – aesthetic – mental – motivational – curative or keeping the health safe). The music influence on the self and diseases: The music

Stamps Collecting Tools

You can practice this hobby from now if you have the desire to do that, it's available to all people as it provides enjoyment and culture in addition financial gain and savings, it doesn't need very big expenses or special equipment, but it requires some simple tools and inexpensive.

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