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books and magazines collecting

This hobby is one of the hobbies that is subsumed under main hobby more offshoot That is collecting things & collectables . books and magazines Collecting is a  wonderful hobby which has great  popular to the educated and  scholars in the history and  some students and reading lovers . There are many types of books collection, 

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When I began to search about the essays that are widespread on  the internet to write an essay about this hobby which I didn't know enough about it , I found  my self confined between the hours , and the hours pass without I feel out. suddenly, these hours became days then they turned to

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The Swimming Advantages

The swimming is one of sportive activities which everyone can practice in any age , It doesn’t matter he’s old or young , kid or baby,It’s the best hobby for handicapped. The swimming is as a hobby for Entertainment ,it  renews the activity. it doesn’t show the violence and power that in Olympic games or competitions , the

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