Reading has more benefits makes the reader happy, have unique personality. Charisma is different from others. Also reading is very important things in our life, so Reading has more benefits; by reading we can collecting greater amount of information and developing the individual’s sum of knowledge. so there are benefit of reading:

Benefit of reading

Reading has many benefits as

1-Sharpens your mind:

by concentrating of words and the story line it stimulate your brain, this stimulation can help sharpen your mind, especially loop in brain is responsible for concentration and analysis.

Reading sharpens this part of the brain much like you would sharpen a knife. This sharpening of the mind will eventually raise your focus when concentrating on something important.

On another side, reading has good effect on children,

Child must keep his or her focus during along story , as a compared chunking , seen in emails or more socials

2-Increase the vocabulary is a good benefit of reading

You might not even realize how much your vocabulary has increased after even just one day of heavy reading. These words that you have been learning will begin to integrate themselves into your everyday vocabulary, and you will start to catch yourself using these words. You cannot imagine how much you take in while reading and this aspect of understanding is another significant benefit of daily reading.

3- reading helps you relax and lower stress which is the best benefit of reading

Reading can relax you more than listening to your favorite tunes, going for a walk, especially when you read and drinking cup of coffee/tea. By reading and with your favorite dink, make you relax

4- Reading improves health

By reading found do reduce blood pressure and lower heart rate so it reduce stress to significant degrees

According to a 2009 study at the University of Sussex, stress is reduced up to 68% just by reading! Only few minutes of reading can slow down the heart rate and improve overall health! but have you considered the stress reducing benefits of reading.

5- Reading helps you to sleep

Reading before bed calms your body and mind, especially after a long and stressful day. Even if the reading is just a short amount of pages of your favorite book that reading induces can help slip you into a deep and comfortable sleep.

The relaxation that books can bring is just one of the wonderful benefits of reading every night before bed.

6-Strengthens Your Writing Abilities

The best benefit of reading about how to improve your writing skills is there are various books written about the writing craft with information about all forms of writing.

You can find these books at any library, both online or in store. If you are a serious writer, you can read both novels and these wonderful books on writing. Any form of reading can improve your writing extremely.

7- Reading can lighten your day and your life

Books and reading can bring pleasure to your life The practice of reading is a great benefit both to mental and physical health, but it can also brighten and lighten your day , so reading is an effective steps of relaxation in an otherwise busy world.

as reading , writing also perfect hobby