Always the negative feelings come to us like tension, worry, that’s because we still in our homes, closed area or work place for long times, so we can’t get enough pure air or sun rays So we put our health in danger because we don’t spend a lot of time in open air.

Gardening hobby is the exact solution for many problems we meet in life, we can’t lessen the positive benefits and its effect on soul, this hobby gives us the opportunity to spend much time with our soul, rethink again in many things and problems which hard to solve.

Don’t hesitate, the soil drill process and planting the seeds, regarding the plants to grow, all of that will improve our mood totally and unexpectedly.

Here, you can know how to start gardening Steps

What is Gardening Hobby ?

It has a long history with people, The most prominent example of this is Babylonian Gardens, Romania garden, palaces Gardens in England and France, in addition to the ancient Japanese art to coordinate the flower which is considered from the criteria of evaluation how is the Japanese woman ascent at some point.

Gardening is the interest in the cultivation (planting) the plants with the aim of beauty and make the plants abundant and recuperate enjoying the landscape around us, get benefits of their production whatever it’s simple, it’s Eco-friendly hobby, we can practice it forever, It’s very amusing hobby it can full your life with pleasure it’s a hobby which doesn’t confined to a specific class of people, it doesn’t need a lot of effort or time to practice.

What’s the Horticulture (Gardening) benefits ?

As most of hobbies which we always practice we are used to getting back healthy and psychology benefits too.

The gardening is productive hobby, healthy for mind and body too, it’s spirituality with your interest in plants and your meditation which growing day by day, as also in the green view which pleasant the eye and the wonderful smell out of soil and flowering plants.

I can’t conceal from you that I didn’t know any thing of the horticulture hobby benefits while practicing, I only enjoy the view of nature and watching it whenever I want, but when I searched and asked some of specialists I found many of psychological and healthy benefits which we gain by practicing horticulture hobby.

I’d love to share these benefits which we gain while we are practicing this hobby.

1– Reducing the risk of stroke :

Horticulture is one of the weapon which helps to reduce the risk of brain attack, There’s recommendation from (The US National Institute of Health) that If you spend from 30 to 45 minutes in gardening work for three to five times per week, you will fight laziness and reduce the risk of stroke, also the risk of heart attack to 30% over age of sixty.

2– Avoid blood pressure diseases :

If You just spend 30 minutes in home garden or in gardening work, you can control high blood pressure levels according to how much time you spend.

3- Struggling osteoporosis :

Gardening can save the joints form bed effects, sitting on coach for many hours for the elderly, or for any person who spends a lot of time in his home so as to make sure he exposes to sun light for ten minutes through his practice the gardening in the day light, it will give you what you need from Vitamin (D) which lessens the risk of osteoporosis, heart diseases and different types of cancer, sitting too much is real danger in your health.

4- Relieve tension :

This hobby is compared to any other home hobby, It’s more effectiveness in improving the mood, reduce Cortisole hormone (tension hormone) what help you manage the anger inside you, That’s because the Chronic increase of Cortisole level is related to immune system function, obesity, heart diseases, reaching to memory and learning problems.

5- Psychological health and Soothes the nerves :

The benefits are appeared which get out from mixing of Physical activity and awareness of the natural surroundings, Intellectual motivation and satisfaction of work. you can invest the healing properties for your garden, designed to combine the fragrance, and looking at the productive flowering plants to feed all the senses. You can put a seat in your garden to be able to enjoy the sun in the garden, to relax from the tiring that surround you during the day. This time is enough to restore psychological quietness which you miss when you do your daily routine.

6– Feeling satisfaction about your life :

It’s hard to not to enjoy life when you are surrounded by flowers and vegetables. The gardens and landscapes really become form of art forms, planning. The view of your garden grows in front of you that can make you more optimistic, relax, proud and pride. Gardening is really lifelong hobby.

7- Eco-Friendly (environment friends ) :

We always heard about negative effect on environment, but through horticulture we can get back again to (Back to green colors) to get benefits to the earth, the plants serve as high effective cleaners for air, the plants absorb Carbon Dioxide, in addition to much of air pollutants, where as they free us the pure oxygen and also fragrance and reducing soil erosion.

8- Having fresh food :

Good garden can product healthy agricultural crop of fruits and fresh vegetables which are much better than the food in the markets. They also provide a lot of money in long term and reduce the fertilizer and chemical pesticides in your diet. It’s known that the vegetables that planted at home characterized by better taste and you can pick up them when you need.

9- Accept life circumstances :

The gardening allows you to deal with something alive, the plants grow, mature its fruits, fade and fall its leaves. these actions help you accept life and the development and changing the circumstances around you specially if you have passed by a shock or difficult circumstances or the death of one of those close to you or something like that.

10- Revitalization of the senses :

The gardening hobby stimulate the five senses with no exception, The Sight through the landscape around you, The smell of the scent of flowers and plants, The touch of the soil and leaves of trees, And also the hearing through the quiet and away from the noise that surrounds you, and the taste which you will be enjoyed when you eat from your hands made the delicious fruits that you planted, as well as maintaining a strong memory forever.

Exploit your time with productive hobby, entertain with the fruits and vegetable taste which you haven’t tasted before, feed your neighbors to courage them to practice the horticulture, entertain with good health like the previous

people who gain lots of benefits by practicing gardening,

Will you be one of them?

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