Boxing is a combat sport in which two people, usually wearing protective gloves and other protective equipment such as hand wraps and mouth guards, throw punches at each other for a predetermined amount of time in a boxing ring.

Amateur boxing is both an Olympic and Commonwealth Games sport and is a standard fixture in most international games—it also has its own World Championships.

Boxing is great hobby , It makes you stronger,. It gives you complete cardio-vascular workouts while training your upper and lower body.

Boxing burns calories and fat because it is a high intensity workout that involves the larger muscle groups and keeps you on the move. Your muscles become more toned as a result of the repetitive actions.

Benefit of Boxing:

The basic boxing stance is supposed to be easy for beginners to attack and defend easily. You’re well covered in this stance with both hands ready to attack easily. More advanced fighters will use different boxing stances for more advanced body movements and counter-punching opportunities.

1. Improved Total-Body Strength:

During a boxing exercise , you may punch or kick a bag hundreds of times, requiring your upper body, lower body, and core to engage as you make contact with the bag. Also, most boxing gyms combined other strength training moves into a boxing workout.

For example, when I took a class at a local 9Round, I did squats, pushups, planks, and weighted medicine ball exercises all within the context of my fast-paced 30-minute circuit workout.

2. Boxing Improves Bone Mineral Density:

Boxing is a great way to improve bone strength. As an Exercise physiologist, I even prescribe boxing for elderly pollutions who are at risk of developing osteoporosis. The forces through the hands and arms stimulate bones to mineralise and strengthen, ultimately reducing the risk of developing osteopenia or osteoporosis and potentially even reversing the conditions in some cases. Resistance training, in general, is a great way to mitigate the negative effects of bone mineral loss due to sedentary behavior.

3. It Relieves Stress:

Many people believe that combat is in our DNA. Our primal genes are programmed to do it. Now, I’m certainly not saying that we should be fighting one another, in fact, quite the opposite. I’m not condoning violence or aggression but the martial arts gym is a great way to channel your energy safely and effectively to minimize harm (to yourself and others) and maximize the physical and mental health benefits. Plus, knowing self defense is a great confidence-booster.

Finally, the endorphin release that accompanies a strenuous workout is another one of the clear benefits of boxing. You’ll ride the high for the rest of the day.

4- It Enhanced Cardiovascular Health:

The whole point of cardio is to place a moderate amount of stress on your heart and lungs so that they’re challenged enough to make beneficial physiologic adaptations to support the higher level of physical activity.

But how you choose to place stress on your heart and lungs is up to you.

5. Boxing Helps Build Shoulder Boulders:

The muscles that attach your arms to your body. Just look at the physique of any boxer and their shoulders are often a stand out feature. But it isn’t merely because the muscles are contracting, rather it’s the type of contraction that counts.

Boxing requires both type 1 and type 2 muscular contractions aka slow and fast-twitch contractions. Your shoulders are always being used at low intensities to keep your arms up to protect your face but when you throw fast, explosive punches, it requires a greater utilization of the fast-twitch muscle fibers.