Pets, especially cats, care of cat is very important because cats most sensitive organisms like humans,

Always they need care and love .Cats need Companionship whether cats or humans

How to care for your cat ?

Feed of the cat:

Feeding your cat is an important and choosing the kind of food to feed your cat is big decision ,so Cats respond to nourishment and safety, so the food you feed your cat should be complete and balanced.

Provide fresh water daily, Clean, fresh water is very important for your cat’s good health,

Care of litter box for your cat:

To encourage good litter box habits, keep the litter boxes clean. Regular cleaning will also help you notice any changes in your cat’s urine or stool, notice any change in litter box habit of your cat that mean there is medical issue.

Care of your cat’s teeth clean:

you should keep your cat’s teeth clean. The bacteria that collect on your cat’s teeth so can enter her bloodstream, contributing to other feline diseases but cats can’t brush their teeth. And many cats won’t let their owners brush their teeth for them . To keep your cat’s teeth in top condition, and train your cat to brush their teeth.

doctor checking cat's

Follow up of veterinary visits:

regular visits give the vet a chance to catch any potential cat diseases in their early stages, and you should to choose friendly vet for your cat ,so A veterinarian specializing in cat health and anatomy can be a valuable ally in keeping your cat in her best possible health.

Toys of your cat:

Most cat owners love to watch their cat play with the various toys they bought them.

What kind of cat toys do cats like?

Plastic rolling balls, with or without bells inside. Ping-Pong balls and plastic practice golf balls with holes, to help cats carry them.

Keep your cats vaccinations up to date:

It is very important to give your cat vaccine to keep your cat in good health

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