collecting things hobby

This isn’t the recent idea at all, it has very ancient cultural history, if you seek to collect and keep many things of everything, whatever it’s value and importance regardless to the benefits that getting back from this, so you are practicing a hobby with the many of hobbies which falling under collecting things hobbies.
The collecting includes many of other works which should do and you collect what you fan and prefer as cataloging, organization, storage, and write notes for each piece which you have collected, keeping them in a safe place.

What can I collect:

There isn’t a specific list for the sections which including collecting hobbies, just collect what you love, what you would like to keep, what you feel it will modify your mood when passing with hard times or endless boring time, whenever you look at or touch with your hand regardless what you have been collected in others eyes.
Collecting things hobbies which has popular widespread fame all over the world, which date back to some of their owners with financial and cultural benefits in addition to the moral and psychological benefit which is the basics of all the hobbies such as:
(Stamps (philately)books and magazinesStones Currency).

The collecting hobbies also include the traditional, ancient and archeological things as:

dolls collecting, medal collecting, portraits collecting, musical recordings collecting, metal collecting, famous signatures collecting, tickets collecting, video games collecting, old car collecting, shells collecting ……etc.
There are strange collecting hobbies which you feel amazed when you know that some amateurs collect such things as:
Tuft of hair collecting, teeth, shoes, gas masks, soft drinks covers, frogs, daggers, wigs, fruit peels, locusts collecting.
Many things have been collected by fans which never come to mind, you can recognize some of stories for some people who collected amazing and strange things via strange hobbies.

General criteria for collecting things:

If you want to collecting things (stuff), you have to subjugate to some of common criteria in order that what you will collect having a value, this criteria differs according to what you will collect but this criteria has an importance and essential for what you are going to collect such as:

1- The quality:

If you decide to collect coins, so the quality case is extremely important in the value of the currency. The higher quality, the multiplication of its value.

2- Rare:

Rare things always have high value, who the others are looking for and it doesn’t mean that the thing is rare when it’s old but when it’s exist.

3- The Age:

Things age always has an effect on its value, this criteria is very obvious in collectibles collecting.
There are some of special criteria which the amateurs put them in their collecting for example:
Some of amateurs collect some of elements belonged to famous people, specific country or continent, or collecting old cars of particular company.

The aim of practicing collection hobbies:

There are many reasons and purposes which make persons practicing such hobby, The motivation differs from amateur to other, and the goals are many with some fans.
Every fan meets with the others in one common goal which is the leisure and entertainment.
And then there are many of goals which differ from amateur to another, some amateurs are seeking for warranted and profitable investment,and some of other amateurs are looking for heritage and history in their things.
there are also amateurs search for psychological amusement, rest, and relax with what they had collected.

And You…??
What are the goals of practicing one hobby or more of collecting hobbies?
Share with VIEWHOBBY your reason and the enjoyment which you have from practicing your favorite one.

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