Poetry, literature that evokes a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience or a specific emotional response through language chosen and arranged for its meaning, sound, and rhythm. Poetry is a vast subject, as old as history and older, present wherever religion is present, possibly under some definitions the primal and primary form of languages themselves.

knitting Hobby

Knitting is art of handmade , it's useful hobby, you can create useful things as clothes, Feel the accomplishment of making things, you find it much more satisfying to produce something beautiful rather than purchasing it. If you learn this hobby, you can make your clothes and you make private business . what is Knitting?


Embroidery is art of Handmade and this art of decorating by stitching on fabric or similar materials using a sewing needle and thread. So Stitches can be combined to create endless embroidered drawings, including animals, plants, people, and abstract formations. They are used in embroidering different fabrics, threads and needles of different types and

The most famous library in the world

Reading is the best hobby in the world, it's take us about journey around the world, so when you passionate in reading, we interest to introduce, the best library, and most famous library in the world The most famous library in the world : 1-Library of Congress - Washintgon D.C, USA: Established in 1800

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Advantages of painting on glass

Glass is an authentic relationship to design and decoration, so painting on glass has its beauty and privacy inside the home. also The finished art glass is a combination of many advantages, more in line with the various requirements of modern home repair. unique Features of painting on glass: Rich in shape and pattern

Type of crochet

crochet is beautiful are , it is the sort of Handmade , crochet needs experience, patience, also patience during its work, and more passion to produce a piece that gives warmth to its owner, In the past , the art of crochet was limited to elderly women and with the passage of time ,It


Crochet Beautiful art since an ancient times, and it is a kind of Handmade or Handicraft, also it is a useful and enjoyable hobby. If you learn this hobby , you can create many things as : clothes (hats ,jacket , blouses, pullover, foot wear) ,bags ,toys accessories , carpet , decoration , serviette,

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