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The magic of music

The music is more than these: We always hear and repeat that the music is the food of soul, but in reality the music is more than that, it’s an expression mean and communicating, it’s the first language in the whole world which all creatures mastered, it doesn’t need translator or moderator, only collect all your feeling and enjoy, just go with the magic of its tunes to the space to your dreams and all what you wish, I don’t think, many of you differ from me that the music is: 1- It is the tranquility and quietness after...

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The music influence

The music tunes affect on everything live directly (human – animal – plant), there are many studies to the music influence in many and various sides as (emotional – spiritual – social – aesthetic – mental – motivational – curative or keeping the health safe). The music influence on the self and diseases: The music is the strongest art in its influence in the self, so it has been used since the ancient times in the treatment of many diseases and also different psychological disorders. The music increases the relaxation and tranquility and decreases the worry and tension also...

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