Meditation is a practice ritual in which one trains one's mind to stimulate inner awareness, and in return receives moral and mental benefits. and, It may be an ancient tradition, but it’s still practiced in cultures all over the world to create a sense of calm and inner harmony. It is the stillness of

Hobbies of famous

practice hobbies give us more benefit, so It gives the mind chance to relax, to stop thinking of hard problems, to get back having more awareness, sight. famous have many hobbies and practice there hobbies in free time, in this post we introduce, Hobbies of famous Teddy Roosevelt: The 26th president enjoyed hunting, boxing,

why do I practice Hobby?

This question comes to our mind with some of depression, nervousness, anxiety، which are acquired from our internal and external world.To know the persuaded answers to this question,1st you should: Remove the depression and tenseness which join our minds and our life. How can I remove this negative feelings which has become having a

What’s the hobby?

The hobby is various activities, that the human does. He should do, learn or practice in his spare time, or for pleasure, benefit, relaxation. The human may have more than one because it gives him the relaxation he needs after long overwork day. It gets back to valuable information to the human. Or it

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