This hobby is one of the hobbies that is subsumed under main hobby more offshoot That is collecting things & collectables.

books and magazines Collecting is a wonderful hobby which has great popular to the educated and scholars in the history and some students and reading lovers.

There are many types of books collection, the most five common is:

1– Collection according to the shape:

The book collection in this group has the same shape and appearance, it may look like each other in some features , this collection includes small book, pocket book, scripts, comics and funny magazines.

2– Topics collection:

This set includes books and magazines collecting which connected to specific topic like (Internet photography – science fiction ) sometimes you reach to thousands of folders in collections to specific topics.

3– Author collection:

This set includes all works to one writer like (Charles Dickens – Paulo Coelho – Mark Twain)

Some of amateurs look for editions which include inside it Dedication from the writer, and the others look for the first edition only, few writer looks for scripts, letters, also draft, or handwriting notebook to the author.

4– Titles collections:

Generally, I’s collected the biggest numbers of prints to one title , it includes translated editions to many different languages, also it expands to include original titles collection script, even printed workout tests.

5– Supreme (ideal ) collection:

This set includes unique & rare books which should be in a good case, this set may include few books but wonderful, it also includes rare edition books in its style, meaning ,content, letters or old books,

So ideal collection is called vaults collection too because some of book collection amateurs show it in vaults.

Hobby Lovers differ in purpose of practicing, they have many reasons to practice , some of them collect books for their interest to specific field as (Technology and scientific discoveries ) and follow up the latest developments & updates whether it’s dedicated to specific book to this field or little title in magazine.

The love of reading with some people is the first motivation to collect books and magazines without paying attention to specific field, reading make them feel they are alive and imagine what they like without any limits.

Money seekers have a great position in this hobby by looking for old books and magazines in addition to scripts and messages to buy them & resell them again with great price to collectibles fans

Now that is done easily by showing them in electronic shops, that will be good investment for them.

There are some people who collect books and magazines only for the beauty of the view of the books or for the pictures which in the content for those books and magazines.

Books and magazines prices:

The prices of these books are determined based on some elements ( quality – value – rarity – its age ) as the price of the book and magazine rises if it’s first edition and it contains dedication from book author .

Books and magazines collection hobby needs continuous effort and search to reach to his goal which seeks to achieve from this wonderful hobby.