Collection is amazing hobby , and added value for collectors , you can collect coins , currency .magazine, car collecting . rocks, and dolls, Some famous people, such as actress Demi Moore and actor Johnny Depp, collect dolls. Even British singer, Sophie Ellis Bextor, collects a variety of dolls because they’re full of personality and charm.

Collecting Dolls as a hobby is very popular and keeps most Americans busy. In fact,   dolls collection is the most popular collectible hobby in the U.S. Some collectors may just have started this hobby out of one single piece of doll that was given to them. Eventually, the colle ction bloomed from it.

History of collecting Dolls:

Dolls in the Middle Ages were often made from clay, tin, or glass. Clay figures of horses and knights and figurines from glass and tin have been found.

Dolls made from bread representing various saints were eaten on religious feast days. So beginning in the 1400s, fashion dolls were created to display the latest Paris fashions to wealthy customers.

In America, one of the oldest dolls is the Kachina, made by the Hopi Indians in Arizona. Kachina dolls were hand carved from cactus root or cottonwood, painted with symbolic colors and designs, and dressed in traditional dresses. These dolls were intended as sacred objects for children to study, and were not used as toys. Also during religious ceremonies, Kachina dolls were given out by masked priests who dressed as ancestral spirits and offered petitionary prayers for the tribe.

How to get collecting dolls?

Knowing what type of doll you would like to collect will help to narrow the field. So there are so many you will be overwhelmed. And, Research before making a decision. you can find dolls any where.

Purchases can be made at:

  1. Department and Hobby Stores
  2. Toy stores
  3. Specialty doll stores
  4. Online
  5. Private owners
  6. Garage, carport, and yard sales
  7. Flea markets and swap meets
  8. Antique and Collectible shops

 Display dolls collection:

First you should display your collection away from direct sun shine ,strong artificial light (especially fluorescent lights and hot lights), and curious pets and children. Dolls should also not be displayed in areas with extreme temperatures.

You should to display your dolls in a temperature-controlled room. and a basement or attic space without heat and air conditioning is probably not a good choice.

1- Display on shelving:

you should to choose the sort of shelving/furniture you wish to use for the display of your dolls .also The cheapest option is open shelves on brackets, the type you can purchase at a hardware store or Home Depot.

The downside of this type of shelving is that it doesn’t protect the dolls, it allows dust and dirt to get to them. And, The shelves work better for a modern collection than an antique one; if the shelves are white, they will be relatively unobtrusive on white walls, and work well for collectors who don’t want to be separated from their dolls by glass.

steps of  Effective Display:

Once you have the room and the shelves, you are ready to display your dolls!, So There are many ways to display dolls effectively, but here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Display dolls by size–Barbies with Barbie-sized dolls, Genes with other 15 1/2″ fashion dolls.
  • Display dolls by type–bebes with bebes, poupees with poupees, baby dolls with baby dolls.
  • Display dolls by clothing color–dolls in all white here, dolls in bright red there.
  • Don’t crowd your dolls! If you have space, don’t push your dolls all together. This creates a visual mess, and can actually damage your doll’s outfits by crushing fibers.
  • If you have room, display your dolls in little scenes or if you have antique fashion dolls, display them with appropriate antique furniture made for them. If you have Gene dolls, display them engaged in an activity or using their furniture.
  • Display a doll time-line–if you have dolls from many eras, display them according to the time of their manufacture.