Collecting has become a favorite hobby of many people. when you owned a unique item in bulk is both thrilling and fulfilling, especially when one has been searching for sometimes years for that last piece to complete a collection or series.

collecting paper currency hobby is no different, but often many are left wondering where to begin. To help launch a successful collection legacy. And collecting paper currency is a rapidly growing generally not as popular as coin and stamp collecting, but the hobby of collecting paper currency is expanding.

What is Notaphily?

Notaphily is the study and collection of paper currency, and banknotes. A notaphilist is a collector of banknotes or paper money, particularly as a hobby.
It is highly interesting hobby, due to the major role that currency plays in our society. Paper money collectors are not just available in many formats and styles, they are also an increasingly valuable form of collectibles.
Though not as popular as coin collectibles, paper money collectors have their own dedicated share of collectors.
A relatively inexpensive hobby, paper money collectibles can get as expensive or cheap as your budget allows.
Before you can begin decide on a category of notes you wish to collect. While some prefer collecting paper currency from one country, and others collect paper currency from all the world.

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How should to start collecting paper currency?

when you decide to collect paper money, you should to aware of many notes, as Society of Paper Money Collectors, Professional Currency Dealers Association or the International Bank Note Society

To start collecting:

1- Begin by visiting auctions and shows, also let dealers know about your requirements so that they can notify you when something comes up.

2- Mail auctions are a popular means of trading paper money collectibles and you could also place inexpensive ads in the newsletter you subscribe to.

When buying keep an eye out for damaged notes, and avoid buying notes which look like they have been fixed up.

What is ways of collecting?

1- collecting hometown National currency and obsolete banknotes, this include large size type notes. Small size notes are very popular and some collectors focus on star replacement notes.

2- Registry sets with PCGS currency and PMG currency in which they complete with other collectors and post pictures with a weighted numerical ranking.

PCGS currency and PMG currency are the finest and widely respected in the hobby.

3- The large size currency series lasted from 1865 through 1923 and is arguably the most popular and well collected of all the currency types.

4- Grading notes is also an important type of collecting and this comes with experience.

Paper money grades range from 1 being the lowest through 70 which is the highest possible grade.

They authenticate, assign a numerical grade and ‘slab’ the note in a encased holder. The grade of a note does affect the price, in some cases tremendously.