Handmade or Handcraft is ideal hobby to spend your time on making useful thing that serves a you in your working life, develop your mind.

It help you to innovation and creation, so it is very interesting to create new distinctive product.

On the other hand, it is an effective way to recycle and use many supplies and extra elements.

What is the Handmade?

Handmade is process of creating product that was made by hand.

When you buy product from shop and its label was wrote in it “Handmade“ this mean the product was created by some one.

So any Handmade product usually more expensive as opposed to factory-made products since they take more time and effort to create.

It is Wonderful thing to get piece was created for you.

Some people have passion of handcraft art, some of them made it and the other has passion to buy it.

Just creating something with your hand that you create true happiness for you before others.

some people take it as a job to earn money

Importance of Handicraft hobby :

Handmade work helps in developing talent and acquiring new skills while increasing practice skills

It develops simple and complex motor skills as well as development social skills.

It improve The ability to express your self and increase your imagination for more creativity in crafts, that represent your imagination and creativity.

Handmade helps you to open the field of challenge with competitor, which helps to create everything new.

Some handcrafts help in teaching student , so since is combined with arts and manual work.

It facilitates understanding of scientific material

It helps improving mood because it breaks boredom and routine with work that carries love and passion.

Types of Handmade:

There are many items of handmade:

Crochet, Tricot, embroidery, Sewing and detailing Recycling, leather products, drawing on walls, drawing on glass, Sculptures, Paintings, Accessories, ceramic paste, jewelry, Loom as carpet,Macrame, Wooden Toys.