practice hobbies give us more benefit, so It gives the mind chance to relax, to stop thinking of hard problems, to get back having more awareness, sight. famous have many hobbies and practice there hobbies in free time, in this post we introduce, Hobbies of famous

Teddy Roosevelt:

The 26th president enjoyed hunting, boxing, horseback riding, hiking, reading and writing. Roosevelt was also a passionate supporter of Scouting and was named the first — and only — Chief Scout Citizen.

Thomas Jefferson:

The third president’s hobbies included chess, writing, playing the violin, architecture, archaeology, cooking and designing libraries. His massive book collection served as the first Library of Congress.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has an unconventional hobby:

hunting wild boars with a bow and arrow

Mark Zuckerberg has an unconventional hobby: hunting wild boars with a bow and arrow.

Zuckerberg said he goes bowhunting, in response to a comment on his recent Facebook post outlining his resolutions for the new decade.

The Facebook cofounder and CEO has previously challenged himself to only eat meat that he killed, but has since stepped away from that challenge.

Google cofounder Sergey Brin enjoys high-flying trapeze:

He has tried in-line skating, gymnastics, walking around on his hands, and running to work in Vibram Five Fingers barefoot shoes, according to a 2014 Business Insider article.

But perhaps his most unusual hobby is high-flying trapeze, which he began doing at a local circus training center in San Franciso that hosted Google team bonding events in the early days of the company, Business Insider previously reported.

Actress Angelina Jolie collects daggers:

Angelina collect daggers, she told the press her mom introduced her to daggers when she was a kid, and that she hopes to pass this hobby on to her son, Maddox.

She says the knife blades she gives him are dulled so he can’t hurt himself, and that their dagger purchases are always “accompanied by discussions about violence.

,Over the years, she has accumulated many daggers and knives and even has matching pistols that she got with her .”