Reading makes the reader travel through the world while he is in his place,every human on the earth can live one life ,but the matter is different for those who find pleasure in the hobby of reading,

Reading is a good hobby that is increase our knowledge level. and helps us to improve our skills, reading is consider means of self education, not linked in school or university degree, so reading a good hobby

through reading , you can move to countries that have never visited before and meet peoples you have never seen before, and learn about their customs and culture, and take what is the appropriate for him.

moving between the pages of the book is not a spatial transition only , but the hobby of reading enables the reader to move through time,through which he can live the life of his predecessors and and enjoy the benefits of studying history.

Reading is a good hobby:

Reading improve your knowledge, You can read in various field, Whether you read about arts, photography, science, history, literature ,novels, religion, social science, cooking or a famous person, . Every book will make you think about facts you did not think of before. When you read a lot of books it gives a good impression and makes you look smart. So reading gives you large scale to talk about many topics with others.

feeling are built strongly on the type of book you read. people who read books do not litter their environment, because books taught them care a recent study’s mention

Why Reading is single best hobby in the world?

-You can practice this hobby anywhere, and in any time, so you can take your book in any place ,Also you can read in spare time especially when there is no work activity

Reading makes you forget about the troubles and problems in your life and helps you transcend into a world that is very different from yours.

reading improve your concentration:

theirs study about people who read more have more concentration when compared to people who see more TV.

reading is big fiction

The more you read, the bigger your imagination gets. Some of those lucky readers have a huge world inside their little brain, because of their books.

-You get to have all the hobbies when you start to practice reading .

In the words of George R.R Martin “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. A man who never reads lives only one.”

No serious risk of injury or dangerous as another hobby like hunting, sporting or Mountaineering it is very safe hobby.

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