Fishing is a amazing sport, and wonderful hobby testing our skills and rewarding patience and persistence, which is why so many people have been hooked by it!, so you should learn ( How to start Fishing ?)

It’s wonderful to spend time outside with family and friends , when you fishing you can do it . Whether you’re revisiting something you haven’t done in years or you’re wanting to try it for the first time, don’t feel overwhelmed! These basics will get you started.

How to start fishing ?

The conventional fishing on a riverbank is commonly referred to as freshwater or coarse fishing, A slightly more challenging version of this is fly fishing, which uses a fake fly on the end of the hook to lure freshwater fish. This regulation will involve the learning and control of many more techniques, which makes it hugely popular amongst regular anglers.

Before you start fishing you should to get a License of Fishing

Before start to fish, you need to apply for a license before you can head out for your first fishing escapade. This is a obligatory requirement in most states when fishing in public waters.

Know fishing licenses are readily available online in selected fishing shops and adequate stores around the country.

If you decide to practice fishing and start to learn about it ,you should know about Fishing tools

Fishing tools and equipment

all you need is a graphite pole or a cane, available at fishing stores near you. What’s more is that the cane will probably come with instructions on how to set up a fishing pole.

so , you may opt for a combination of a spinning reel and a fishing rod, which are much easier to set up, particularly for beginners.

Note: the type of fishing equipment you need somewhat depends on the type of fish you intend to catch.

Fishing Rods

A fishing rod is one of the most important tools required for fishing. The rod supports the line and bait. Moreover, it acts as a catapult when casting or launching your hook and lure.

To get the ideal fishing rode you should consider two key features : (Fishing Rod Length2-Fishing Line)

Fishing Reel

This is a cylindrical device attached to the end of the fishing rod. It is mainly used winding and retrieving the fishing line

this different type and weight the common two to type of fishing reel : (Spinning Reels – Baitcasting Reels)

Hooks and Sinkers :

you should invest in hooks and sinkers that match the size of your bait and the type of fish you intend to catch,. Also you’ll need to acquire new skills on how to tie a fishing loop knot and how to match a hook to your bait. Hooks

steps of starting fishing :

Casting your fishing line is the first step to making your first catch.

steps of casting :
  1. Hold your catching pole or fishing rod with the reel underneath your dominant hand.
  2. Flip open the bail while holding the line with your finger.
  3. Bring the rod tip up so that it crosses over your dominant shoulder.
  4. Cast forward using the force of your wrist and elbow, pointing the rod towards the location you want the fishing line to go.
  5. As the rod moves forward, release your finger to allow the line to send your lure flying.
  6. Flip the bail back over and begin a retrieve
Hooking :

Hooking is the process of catching fish using hooks without the fish necessarily biting the bait with their mouth.

Landing :

Landing refers to the process of harvesting your catch from water to the land. After you have successfully hooked and reeled you catch,


From the look of things, learning how to start fishing is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance