Knitting is art of handmade , it’s useful hobby, you can create useful things as clothes, Feel the accomplishment of making things, you find it much more satisfying to produce something beautiful rather than purchasing it.

If you learn this hobby, you can make your clothes and you make private business .

what is Knitting?

Knitting is English word and in French: Tricot, known by its French name, Tricot. It is a method of knitting strings and turning them into fabric. Knitting is done either by hand or by machine, and there are many techniques and methods of hand knitting.

Knitting is good hobby, so it is a soothing, satisfying activity where you use your own two hands to create beautiful, useful things.

History of Knitting:

The history of the Knitting is one of the obscure things that it is difficult to accurately determine its first discoverer and determine a specific time or date, everything that happened at those times,

We did not mention, They did not concern the history or the importance of the events that were taking place in that period and that they were recorded to be a source of pride Knowledge of current generations of past and their glories.

But this does not mean a lack of knowledge about this art in the past, as some pieces woven in the same pattern of knitting appeared

Essential knitting tools:

start with the basics and build from there:

knitting tools in the start of our Absolute Beginner Knitting Series! There are four materials you’ll want to have on hand: Yarn, Needles, Scissors, and a Tapestry Needle.

The Advantages of tricort or Knitting:

1- It reduce stress level.

2- In addition, there may be other health benefits of knitting, such as keeping you mentally sharp and reducing blood pressure.

3- It increases the ability of person in a positive way, because you can make beautiful items to share with those they love.

4- It reduce anxiety because you are focusing just on the project at hand, instead of a variety of other tasks and worries.

5- It reduce restless thoughts and soothe the panic of anxiety, also Knitting help to relaxation and regulate breathing.

6- Knitting can help you maintain, and improve, your fine motor skills. Like all things, you improve with practice, and because knitting is the same few motions over and over again, you have plenty of repetition to get better!

7- It increase the great feeling that you are doing something productive with your own two hands.

So Crafting is something that people may turn to when they want to relieve pain without medication.

8-Any way handmade and Knitting increase happiness.