When I began to search about the essays that are widespread on the internet to write an essay about this hobby which I didn’t know enough about it, I found my self confined between the hours, and the hours pass without I feel out. suddenly, these hours became days then they turned to weeks, I spend every time reading about it and search about anything that contain the word “ Photography “. I didn’t know the search expands outside the internet to get to the books & magazines and some friends who like that hobby, I went to people who have the great experience of working in photography, I began to work and apply with fixed steps leaving behind me other interests.

I don’t know how do those things start with that hobby as :


I found my self without any prefaces attracted too much to everything I read, applying all what I’ve learnt.

The effect:

This hobby has an effect to person acts, making him feel the things around him, look at them in a different look from the previous.


This feature distinguishes this hobby , you own private things, only to you, things you do make it, create it, innovate it.


I don’t mean to control to have equanimity but to control time to pause in specific time & make it lasting forever as soon as you look at it again.


About everything around you in the nature , relationship between people, public places , that make you see things the others haven’t seen.


In ideas and in choices you have in every minute you live.


it gives you high sense and uplifted with dealing with every thing around you.

The difference:

this is truth e can’t ignore , you become different from other people in characteristics & features, you have special way in reading the events around you , you have great look including all people & elements that exist in the view around you , as you see one picture with different ways and methods because you have a group of visual filters in the future.

Useful advice:

These are some of advice which I’ve already applied & have a real effect on learning this interesting hobby.

1- The photographic Camera has an important role of picture success, in this regard , Be sure to purchase a good camera, which supports the minimum of common control tools and functions in modern cameras, in particular you steer clear of taking pictures of cell phones camera because the picture often becomes bad.

2- The lighting is in photographic view, may be it is the criterion between the quality and ugliness , the concern to the lightening is an essential demand to every photographer especially in the dark, you should purchase special flash light that will give you too much to your taken pictures, if you can’t find this flashlight & you don’t intend to take pictures in the dark depending on long exposure, do your best to provide alternative and enough light or stop taking picture immediately.

3- To taking Pictures too much & taking advice to avoid faults in next times.

4- Learning photography needs too many years & some years of work to take root what you have learnt & acquire the experience which is the result of practices to solve troubles you may face at work.

5- Set your main purpose of taking pictures, always ask yourself what’s the thing in the view where in front of you which making you hold the camera & start to take picture. always try to cut off the things even if you had to get out a lot of details in the view in your picture. if your picture is full of many things, it will make who have watched your photo is confused, it will fog he won’t know what attract him in this picture.