You can practice this hobby from now if you have the desire to do that, it’s available to all people as it provides enjoyment and culture in addition financial gain and savings, it doesn’t need very big expenses or special equipment, but it requires some simple tools and inexpensive.

1- Album of postage stamps :

It’s the first tools that you need as amateur before the beginning in this hobby, The first album appeared after the stamp had appeared for 10 years, This is due to Belgian teacher has innovated them, he encouraged the students to use the stamps in making some maps, his thinking reflects his innovation of primitive album in a book form which the stamps have been arranged by sticking them, The first amateurs collected the stamps in notebooks or normal papers , With the development of the hobby and the large number of amateurs, the specialized company meet their needs.

There are two kinds of Albums:

1st: The albums that have fixed pages, you can’t cut their pages, it is for storing the stamps and saving them, arranging them, exchanging or offering them for sale.

2nd: The albums that have loose pages, you can cut their pages, rearrange them, adding new pages, this kind is special to save stamp groups which the amateurs need in the beginning.

All of this albums contains pages contains pockets inside them for saving stamps in different sizes to suit all stamps size, cards and first day envelopes.

2- Postage stamps tongs :

The stamps tongs is an important tool as junior amateur or senior amateur as if you hold stamp with your hand it will leave your fingerprint or pollute it that mean it will be damaged or less it’s value too much.

These tongs have many types per their shape, there are three forms, their use differs according to the fan of the hobby.

Here are the three forms:

1st: The flat head tongs (Spades) which it looks like shovel, it’s recommended for the junior amateur to not impair the stamp if he makes mistake with holding it.

2nd: The round head tongs that the senior amateurs uses it and getting used to hold stamps with the previous one.

3rd: The spire head tongs that the advanced amateurs uses it and stamp merchants.

It’s preferred to buy good kind of the stamp to not rust or impair the stamp when holding it.

3- A ruler to measure drilling the stamps :

It is used for differentiation between the similar stamp but in different prints, as it measured how many teeth for the stamp per a centimeter, whom innovate this ruler is one from the biggest amateurs for this hobby Jack Amail Legrand“. You have to know the drilling (punching) size in every stamp, that determine how much is the stamp or version date, the gauge of the drilling is divided in to two types :

1st: Manual :

that is printed on cardboard or plastic that contain a ruler that its length 6 millimeter it included gradual millimeter and there ‘s kind is manufactured by metal with the same specification and it’s better.

2nd: Electronic :

The drilling measure is read electronically when you put it in the stamp.

4- Watermark Revealing :

The watermark is considered from security controls which is used with some countries in paper industry which money is printed in and postal stamp,The kind and the direction of watermark determines the stamp value and it also determines if the stamp is original or fake. so the watermark revealing is very important to the stamp amateurs.

There are many types of watermark revealing:

1st: A type of plastic can covered with dark or blackish glass, inside it electric lamb working with battery and the stamp is put on it’s face on the external surface, the lamb is lit then the watermark is appeared, it needs to put plastic slices in different colors on the stamp even the watermark is appeared.

2nd: Another electronic type, this reveals the watermark picture on the the screen of the device, it doesn’t need any effort.

5- Magnifying glass :

This is used to watch the details of the stamp obviously, most of the stamps are written on them with very tiny writing, it’s hard to be seen clearly, So as not to take trouble to the eye and of course, due to the precise size of the stamp.There are many types of magnifying glass, one is made of transparent plastic, Another is made of glass, The experts also use the magnifying glass to know the kind of the print and the used ink, also knowing misprint in the stamp, knowing the kinds of papers and glue, and any other details in the stamp. The magnifying glass differs as its power of magnification there are enlarging 50, 100, 150 twice, the advanced amateur needs magnifying glass enlarge more than ten times, that enough to know everything.

6- UV machine :

This device is electric, it releases UV rays to show what’s in stamp papers like phosphorus, the stamp with amount of phosphorus appeared under the rays shiny and bright, The other stamps show colors list. This device reveals the false stamps, as most of printing papers have specific amount of phosphorus.

Here, You can know how collecting stamps begin

Now you can join collecting stamps hobby.

This hobby is considered from the greatest hobby that more than thirty millions amateurs practice it, In addition it’s a cultural lovely hobby, It’s long-term investment as the stamps value increasing continuously more than 10% annually, so that the amateurs collect good wealth which benefit them when they need money.

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