Billiards hobby

There is a common question about Billiards (Is Billiards a sport or a hobby ), according the definition of sport it is physical activity, or competition the practice of which implies taring and subject rules, so Billiards have this factor, Billiards is sport and amazing hobby, It gives player more fun and pleasure .

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Basketball as a hobby

Sport in general was found to meet many of the needs of people, the most important of which is the search for entertainment and pleasure, and spending spare time, and in return it has many health and psychological benefits. The most important of them are that it maintains physical fitness, helps to maintain a

Benefit of walking

Walking is useful sport and Healthy hobby, Walking is a great way to improve or maintain your overall health, Just 30 minutes every day can improve cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones, reduce excess body fat, SO many physician hands you a prescription to walk. really walking is good for you in many other ways. so

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Type of crochet

crochet is beautiful are , it is the sort of Handmade , crochet needs experience, patience, also patience during its work, and more passion to produce a piece that gives warmth to its owner, In the past , the art of crochet was limited to elderly women and with the passage of time ,It


Crochet Beautiful art since an ancient times, and it is a kind of Handmade or Handicraft, also it is a useful and enjoyable hobby. If you learn this hobby , you can create many things as : clothes (hats ,jacket , blouses, pullover, foot wear) ,bags ,toys accessories , carpet , decoration , serviette,

The music influence

The music tunes affect on everything live directly (human – animal – plant), there are many studies to the music influence in many and various sides as (emotional – spiritual – social – aesthetic – mental – motivational – curative or keeping the health safe). The music influence on the self and diseases: The

Stamps Collecting Tools

You can practice this hobby from now if you have the desire to do that, it's available to all people as it provides enjoyment and culture in addition financial gain and savings, it doesn't need very big expenses or special equipment, but it requires some simple tools and inexpensive.

why do I practice Hobby?

This question comes to our mind with some of depression, nervousness, anxiety، which are acquired from our internal and external world.To know the persuaded answers to this question,1st you should: Remove the depression and tenseness which join our minds and our life. How can I remove this negative feelings which has become having a

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