It ‘s also known Stamp collecting, philately.

Stamp collecting hobby is well known all over the world, It’s one of the oldest hobbies. It has most respect and appreciation, it’s also called kings hobby and the queen of hobbies, it’s practiced from king George V of England, US President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the other famous people.

Before Innovating stamps, the messages was sealed by seal ring outside the messages, they were folded and sealed by seal of red wax, it was estimated according to the distance and papers number and who pay the amount of money is the message receiver. so you can’t imagine how it’s hard for mailman to convince the message receiver to pay the cost of message, and the receivers sometimes swing the lead and don’t accept to receive the message.

The first stamp in the world:

Britain sent out the first prepayment stamp for fees, they can be stocked down the envelops on the 6th of May 1840 from two colors, black for the light messages costing one pence, and the blue for heavy messages costing two pennies in the Victoria queen era, this stamp has her picture and soon the other countries realized the stamps benefits. Through ten years; many other countries are issued the stamps.

Brazil issued the first stamp on 1st of August in 1843.

USA issued the first stamp on 1st of July in 1847.

Mauritius issued the first stamp on 21st of September 1847.

France issued the first stamp on 1st of January 1849.

Belgium issued its first stamp on 1st of July 1849.

Bavaria issued its first stamp on 1st of November 1849.

By the year of 1860, Almost all the countries used the stamps as a way for payment to the postage on the letters.

The Beginning of Stamp Collecting:

No one knows exactly when did this hobby begin, May be it’s started after The issuance of the first stamp.

There is very famous and facetious story for a woman who declared in “The Times of London” newspaper in 1841 about her desire to coat her room wall with sealed stamps. After this advertise is published, everybody interested in this idea all over the world, they began to collect stamps that attached to the envelops they have, many of postal messages are sent to this woman from everywhere in the world who started to collect the stamps insides these messages in addition to her collecting to the sealed stamps on the envelops outside, she was enabled to coat her room wall with stamps, May be from this point, this hobby is found which to move all over the world.

But we know that the English Mount Brown who published the first stamps index in 1846. And since then stamps indexes are published all over the world. Sooner the people found out that finding some stamps were harder than other, That’s because they are sometimes printed with very few numbers. stamp collectors exchange the rare stamps, as some of collector sooner bought them to each other. when a lot of people started stamp collecting , their prices are become very high, British Guinea has issued stamp with one cent value in 1856, which is bought with 935 thousand American dollar in 1980.

And sometimes there were some errors in printing stamps, these stamps were rare habit, it could have very great value. For example, United States issued 100 airmail stamps with 24 cent category in 1918, the plane is showed upside down by mistake.

Stamps collectors Categories:

Every stamp has story or goal, Now there are many& various topics of stamps, it shows a habit of the nation’s heritage and it’s history, traditions and their achievements, it revive heroes memory and their national celebrations and the beauty of the country, Transportation means is the favorite topics for Stamps designer that’s because abundance memorial editions and the rise of number of countries, the Stamps numbers are increased , their types and categories too much.

So most of stamps collectors as (merchants and fans) head for specialization in specific fields in this hobby as collecting stamps for specific country, nation, Certain period of time, particular kinds of stamps in particular topic or particular colors as the stamps that have artistic painting images, religious topics, flowers, fish, Olympic games stamps or presidents pictures…etc. this category of the hobby is called “Objective collecting”.

There are who collecting stamps either emotional motive (for example: collecting his homeland stamp) or material motive (collecting stamps that have old or highly value).

The most famous “Stamps Groups” is British Crown Group who started to collect them the king “George V” then it turns to his successors.

there are specialized museum for stamps that have an important groups of stamps in many of world capitals, The most important museums are E-Museum in Berlin, Cairo museums, Paris, Bern and Brussels.

Also Stamped Stamps or non-stamped and the postal material that marked with stamped “the fare is done” that consider kind of Category, Some of amateur who interested in collecting Lightening (Telegraph) Stamps, feasts seals stamps, financial stamps or postal cards.

The other amateurs prefer buying the stamps from its provenience (not used, without seals) or from post office if the stamps are recent with their original price, There are special section to collecting stamps hobby in the post office all over the world where the old and recent stamps are showed. Also there are conference, exhibitions and public sale to buy and exchange stamps in different countries, Also there is press for stamps and their news in some European countries, in addition to amateurs club and their local, national and international association.

Most of people like collecting stamps for the places pictures, strange and unfamiliar things that printed in them. some of people like collecting stamps for only one country, but other restricted themselves by collecting the stamps that have birds pictures, ships or one color stamps. it doesn’t matter what’s the reason for collecting stamps whatever you fan collecting them, there’s always pleasure.

Postal Stamps Value:

there’s a common and widespread belief among the beginner fans of the hobby that The old stamp has high value and always expensive but that’s not true because there are old stamps have high value and the other haven’t any value.

There are many criteria that determine the stamp value and here are some of them:
  • The stamp must be in a good condition or very good, it means the stamp shouldn’t be twisted or folded, the more stamp is obvious, clear and has non efface colors, the more it has higher value as also completion of punching stamps means the stamp is in a good condition.
  • When the stamps are rare they don’t exist anymore or there are only one or two stamps so they are very expensive.
  • When the stamps have misprints, these are so expensive.
  • When the memorial stamp that Postal Service has produced in occasion once, its value cost gets more expensive than the normal stamp that Postal Service has produced regularly for specific period which people uses it in the correspondence.

Here, You can know the suitable tools for collecting stamps.

This hobby is considered from the greatest hobby that more than 30 millions amateurs practice it, In addition it’s a cultural lovely hobby, It’s long-term investment as the stamps value increasing continuously more than 10% annually so that the amateurs collect good wealth which benefit them when they need money.

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