Many of us lost too much time in the busy life and its responsibilities and requirements to develop and practice our hobbies that we love.

Many of people thought that the time had passed in thinking in this matter again, but the life always gives us new chances in our kids who always hope to become better than us and luckier than us.

The matter is still in our hands, we can Compensate what we missed with our kids by sharing them their hobbies and enjoying with them. Pursuit of happiness is not something very hard, but we can specialize specific time to spend with our kids.

The interest here is shared between you and your kids, all what we should do enjoying with them without complications and limits.

You can contribute building your kid personality and his future by giving him his freedom and unleash him in practicing the hobby he loves.

Get him all what he needs physically and morally, he needs to be redirected and guided, to be caring of his hobby.

The hobby with the kids has more effect than with the adults, the hobby may be a part of adult life but with the kids may be.

all their life. That doesn’t need to be worrying if you involve with your kid and sharing him his time and his interests.

The sociology experts advice us to the necessity of giving the kids all chances with time and provide all the available methods to enable our kid to practice their hobbies freely, if the family pays their attention to their kids hobbies  early, it makes great benefits more than they are old, These benefits have effect in their future life and their personalities than we thought.

There are the following benefits:

1- The hobby draws their features clearly, increases their happiness, giving them psychological tranquility.

2- The hobby helps the kids to discover their skills and tendencies and develop their intelligence.

3- The hobby makes kids more interactive in social life, even the parents consider it something mess or chaos.

4- The hobby gives the child persistence, tenacity, creativity, enthusiasms, self-confident, independence.

5- The hobby gives the ability to love uniqueness and logical thinking with inquisitiveness or curiosity, strong  motivation to gain knowledge.

6-The hobby leads to develop the kid’s thinking, his awareness, realization and develop his personality to highest levels.

7- The hobby helps the children to get benefit of their failures during practice the hobby that means it helps them to learn from their faults.

8- The playing is considered as an essential hobby to the children so it enables them:

to engage in effective participation methods, to leave off negative observation methods, to give them the ability to dealing with abstract concepts which they receive.

Always and forever, we should set our children free to choose their hobbies by trials, making them under control to correct their mistakes or their wrong track without criticize and offending, the hobby makes them discover the world, involve them in the adult world, increase their positive feelings towards themselves and towards they choose to overcome their free time and boredom which may be fill their life as it makes them feel that they do is very important for better future.