The music is more than these:

We always hear and repeat that the music is the food of soul, but in reality the music is more than that, it’s an expression mean and communicating, it’s the first language in the whole world which all creatures mastered, it doesn’t need translator or moderator, only collect all your feeling and enjoy, just go with the magic of its tunes to the space to your dreams and all what you wish, I don’t think, many of you differ from me that the music is:

1- It is the tranquility and quietness after long hard work, and the noisiness which surrounds us in every direction.

2- It is the craziness and jumping in the time of joy and happiness.

3- It is expressing about what inside us, even we can’t say what is in our heart.

4- It is the ingenuity which makes us think and meditate to appear our abilities.

5- It is the alternative medicine which tranquil the pain and end the soreness.

6- It is the breathing for our feeling, which changes in every situation in life.

7- It makes us getting ride of daily routine and boredom moods and it reduces the depression feeling.

8- It is the savior of the anxiety and the long wait times that you feel with the minute equal hours.

9- It fortifies the will, determination and motivation for the enthusiasm and insists on achieving the goals and dreams.

The music Purposes:

The music is a social art that has important role in the heritage, culture of the nations and their civilizations, it has been used in many aspects and occasion as the religious music which has practiced with some peoples in their religious ritual, national music which has expressed the national character and belongings to particular country, it also used in the military funeral, in addition to its use during the work to relieve the workload, we never forget that the entertainment, fun and its curative purposes.

No matter how many its purposes, and how many the music purposes and its uses have changed, it remains the distinguished artificial creativity which begins when the meanings ability can’t keep the meanings, feelings and ideas.

The music and the other hobby:

If your hobby is the music, you can mix it with the other hobby and increase the imagination, skills and the creativity, that’s because the music has positive effect on the right side of the mind  and therefore the music can benefit the  listener in motivate the creativity center.

If you practice another hobby like (readingdrawingwritingcookingdesigning clothesmaking jewels) ….etc.

It’s better to listen to quiet music when you practice another hobby, If it’s possible that makes you develop your hobby and increase your concentration and attention and also creativity.

Now, you can know more about the music influence on the important side in your life.

They said about music:

*Without music, life would be a mistake. Friedrich Nietzsche.

*The music washes the soul from the dust of daily life. Berthold Auerbach.

*The music is the ethical law; it gives the soul for the universe, the wings to mind, flight to the imagination, magic and fun in life and everything. Plato.

*The hell is full of non-professional of music. George Bernard Shaw.

*Music is the spirit of the language. Max Heindel.

*Music is the moonlight in the gloomy night of life. Jean-Paul.

*In music, passions enjoy their time. Friedrich Nietzsche.

*Music is the highest inspiration of all wisdom and philosophy. Ludwig van Beethoven.

*Music does not lie. If there is something that can be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music. Jimi Hendrix.

*All music is beautiful. Billy Strahorn.

And You, what you say about the music?

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