some people their hobby to get cat , But they don’t aware cat breeds and the benefit of most famous cat breed and the benefit of the best breeds.

Persian cat

Persian cat

Persian cat is the most famous cat breeds Persian cat the most popular cat breed in united state and most famous breeds. The Persian cat known in the Middle East as “the Persian cat” or “the Iranian cat” since it was exported from Iran – ancient Persian.

It is known in Iran as the Shirazi cat, also It is the old breed.

Persians cats can’t Jump, diverse many other cats, Because their solid, stocky bodies aren’t the most aerodynamic

Physical attributes of Persian cat breed:

this cat breeds distinguished Long hair and silky, round face, small ear, bushy tail

Persian cat breeds has many color:

It is white, silver, orange and black.

Temperament of Persian cat breed:

Persian cat breeds are quiet laid back , lazy and calm. Persian cat breeds also exceptionally friendly, sweet, gentle personality and is a quiet companion.

but Persian caste not overly smart, and limited intelligence

Lifespan of Persian cat:

The average lifespan 12-17 years

How many kittens can It have at once?

Because of small size of Persian cat , purebred Persian moms give birth to relatively small litters, between two and six kittens at once.

If you want to get Persian cat, you should take care about his feeding

Most Persian cats suffer from problems while eating because they have somewhat curved jaws and are not in a regular row, and they eat ,so They eat very slowly.

What is the healthy food you should to eat to this breed?

Meat; like fish, chicken, beef and rabbits.

Wheat and oats.

We should avoid to feed them:

Chocolate, Grapes and raisins,

Onions and garlic

Alcohol, any food contain caffeine

There are some food because allergic reaction to Persian cats, so these cats should not eat: soy. Corn seeds. Dairy products. Gluten

Himalayan cat

Himalayan cat

Himalayan cat the most famous cat breeds, Himalayan cat is sub-breed It is the result of hybridization Persian cat and Siamese cat, But remarked by the points on the cats extremities (the facial mask), feet, ears, and tail

What is the temperament of Himalayan cat?

Himalayan cat is gentle, calm, beautiful, sweet, social, and playful, like Siamese cat, also Himalayan cat very intelligent cat.

Himalayan cat is devoted and dependent upon their humans for companionship and protection, This breed is generally friendly to everyone. so Himalayan cat has the same activity of Persian cat .

Physical attributes:

Himalayan cat distinguished to Medium to large size, short tail, and short legs, it has blue eye and glossy coat.


The average lifespan of Himalayan is 15 years or longer

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