The music tunes affect on everything live directly (humananimalplant), there are many studies to the music influence in many and various sides as

(emotional spiritual social aesthetic – mental motivational curative or keeping the health safe).

The music influence on the self and diseases:

The music is the strongest art in its influence in the self, so it has been used since the ancient times in the treatment of many diseases and also different psychological disorders. The music increases the relaxation and tranquility and decreases the worry and tension also the feel of rest and internal peace.

The music has high abilities in improving every mental abilities so it starts to use it for healing the first levels of dementia specially Alzheimer, by listening to the music for long time (many hours) and daily,
It also improves muscle movements consistency, nowadays it uses with patients who suffer from “Parkinson” disease, that disease is result from decreasing the nervous hormone in the ischemic region.

One of the amazing things in the treatment of stroke that the recent researches have proved that the music specially “Jazz”, it also has the ability to quick of kinetic rehabilitation and mental for people with strokes, it also improves the memory, attention and movement specially the movement who associated with musical vibrations
And consequently it works as the physical therapy.

The researches have been proved that the slow music relieves arterial hypertension, as for heart it leads to relax, reduce rapid heart, breathing.

The music influence on kids:

Researchers have found in the psychology of music that the musical rhythm is closely related to the baby starting from the embryonic stage, the baby recognizes the “rhythm” in the uterus, he lives as it’s his adequate system:

the regular heartbeat of his mother, “the tonesinhalation and exhalation, as it also the different tunes movement for mother.

With the end of his embryonic stage, the baby recognizes other rhythms as the nice singing of the mother which contributes to calm him down and make him smile with satisfaction, theses different tunes and rhythms keep him out of the tension and cramping and pain.

There are questions that the scientists have asked in a research about the music effects on kids.

Some of these questions:

What is the reason for such sensitivity to the baby about a piece of music or a few musical tunes?

What is the secret that makes the child stop crying when he heard the music after his family was unable to calm him down by all means?

Why can baby keep a long song easily and quickly and unable to keep one verse of a poem?

It has clarified for the scientists that the music, tones and songs get hold of great importance in the child life; He is able to interact with the music since his birth, and discriminate between the rhythms, melodies and express the reaction towards false melody or clef incomplete.

The audio delicate sensitivity which the baby has, it’s the beginning of the emergence of the relationship between the child and the music. The continuous baby interaction with this art it will leads to the emergence of unrestrained imagination, to transparency in the personality, to the richness of passionate and yearning to beauty.

All this development of the character can be achieved, many of educators who have been practicing the profession of teaching after long year, asserted that the students with high level in the school who are studying music.  Hence, it’s been proved that the importance of music lays in its ability to develop all psychological abilities. So the music is so important for baby psychological growing, it has the ability to lighten the mind, make the individual happy, develop his feeling and emotion, makes it easy to set social relationships.

The home influence plays a very important role and effective in drawing “the musical future” for the child. A child has been supported, directed and enhance his sense and musical taste since early childhood, that differs from a child has lived in another inconsistent environment. It’s enough for the parents to notice that his child is talented “natural”, they directed him towards this magical world, to contribute in creating distinguished child in the study and interaction with his surroundings.

In one study, entitled “The talent with young children” It’s shown that parents of gifted students were from different cultural, economic levels and professions, but they were showing great interest in the future of their children, They follow carefully every stage of their growth, As if their life were entirely directed towards their young children, they donate by their time to create all fields which enable them to develop their musical talent.

The musical ability with the child is natural, but the surrounding enhances it. One of the giants of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, who grew up in a family were all members of the musicians, that means, the children who were born with the musical talent, they should be affected by the musical surroundings in the family. Hence it is the interaction between the genetics and environment. However, the innate only cannot become a genius if it is not strengthened by the environment. There was a trial to Study the influence of the family on the musical gifts, A test is set on 300 students in a conservatories, It’s shown that 89% kids have been encouraged by their families. In another study, it included the musicians in the orchestra symphony It’s shown the creative musicians has been supported and encouraged by their families, through surround them with prestigious musical environment, this assert that the environmental influence doesn’t only mean the family environment is full of music, but the encouragement, support and too.

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