The swimming is one of sportive activities which everyone can practice in any age, It doesn’t matter he’s old or young, kid or baby, It’s the best hobby for handicapped.
The swimming is as a hobby for Entertainment, it renews the activity ,it doesn’t show the violence and power that in Olympic games or competitions.

The swimmer can swim according to his capabilities and abilities then it becomes a mean to relax and Comfort, practicing the swimming helps in forming a perfect & integral personality.

It obligates the swimmer to follow the rules and the swimming instructions or specific systems restrain the swimmer when he practices as a revival and welfare hobby ,Since old ages the first purpose to swimming is revival & therapeutic inasmuch they connect to each other so we can consider it one purpose they never separate to clear the psychological pressure & Physical overwork.

The Swimming Advantages :

1- The swimming helps to reinforce the body muscles specially the back, abdomen, legs, because of water resistant during the swimming, It makes the muscles more flexible.

2- It has very particular benefit to non-sportive, it makes them move all body muscles without any pain in the body joints & that makes it a good start.

3- It enables the swimmer to burn much amount of calories , so that the swimming is considered an important factor in losing weight and keeping fit & perfect and attractive body.

4- It helps in reducing cholesterol in the blood due to burn the fats.

5- It helps asthmatic patients, it increases of enduring the lungs & intensifies it, counter to another sportive exercises or gymnastics which caused dehydration of the body and induce asthma symptoms.

6-It intensifies the heart muscle, that decreases heart attack and thrombus that has great benefits to blood systems and stimulation the blood circles & adjust blood pressure.

7- It is strengthened body energy levels, it gives him relaxation and tranquility feeling , it also improve the mood, and it makes the body getting rid of psychological pressures, removing the nervousness and anxiety.

8- It increases the feeling of self-confident to the swimmer especially with kids & teenagers.

9-It involves rehabilitation programs in many diseases and it has positive effects and results that helping the patient in healing quickly.

10-It helps the pregnant women in building shoulders, abdomen muscles that they need in advanced level in the pregnancy, generally it soothes the different pains that associated to pregnancy .

Another benefit of swimming :

1- It helps in improving the body flexibility & muscles to move the hands, the feet and the neck especially when they are old because practicing the swimming to the old protect them from pains of bones, muscles and it enables them to do their daily activities easily .

2- It is suitable environment to handicapped, cartilage patients because the water carries 90% of human weight, And almost zero gravity inside the water, that facilitate movement, feeling free.

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