This hobby is not just normal activity or wasting the time, It’s very healthy sport and it has benefit for body and mind too, In addition to the enjoyment and adventure that with you in each time you ride your bike, it  has some excitement too.

My requirement for cycling:

you can ride a bike everywhere, every time, without spending a lot of money or wealth, many of people have stopped practicing some of sports because of high level of the required skill or they can’t obligate with team game due to the time pressure, the best thing in byciclying that it only requires one  thing, to learn how to ride a bike, No need for a Team or Machines, No training in Gym or special devices, all what you need is  a bike and only half an hour when you have the suitable time and little of trust.

Don’t forget, One bike is enough for you for  two or three years at least.

Why is this hobby suitable for you?

It’s an adventure, it reveals through practicing it the landscape area, it touches every corner in the nature, This hobby isn’t only full of enjoyment  but also it’s wonderful mean for work. it has many real benefits it increases the strength and endurance, As it ‘s also one of healthy practice forms, even the old men can practice it, it protects the heart health and also it reaches to sanity.

The wonderful benefits for cycling hobby:

Extremely, most of us ride bikes in the childhood, may be we participate competition with friends, sisters, brothers and relatives to know who is the fastest. with wonderful feeling when the wind flirts with the face. but, have you been practicing it yet?

If you stopped practicing this wonderful hobby, I promise you would come back again to practicing it after reading some of its benefits in the next lines, these benefits will change your general health after returning practicing it again:

1- It strengths our Muscles:

When you ride the bike for little miles regularly everyday, that make you reach to a wonderful mean for building your Physical strength. The cycling improves muscles functions gradually with less possibility of body exposure to the injuries and the muscle cramp, it considers an excellent sport for hip joints and knee motion, it strength the muscles of thighs, leg and back and it improves the performance of the rest of muscles, it makes them more flexible, It’s the easiest sport which enables you to be like that easily.

2 – It increases the power of our mind:

The cycling improves our heart and respiratory tract five percent (5%) that enhances our mind capability fifteen percent (15%) because cycling helps us in building new brain cell in the region that responsible for our memory which is retreated after the age of thirty, specially the responsible part for parties motion It’s practical training for mind, That’s because the cycling also reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s.

3 –  It enhances the heart health and blood vessels:

The cycling is a wonderful mean to provide the training which your heart needs to keep it safe, If you practice it regularly, it protect the human from the risk of heart diseases and blood vessels more than the most of sportive training as walking and running, it regulates blood pressure with patients with hypertension.

4 – it helps us to lose our weight:

The cycling is a good mean to lose weight and burning calories very fast, In particular to lose in weight in waistline and fats, but It should be practiced regularly for 30 – 40 minutes at least, it burns about 600 calories, this average is high compared to another sports, that mean it cause losing weight in short time.

5 – This hobby is Eco-friendly:

In addition It’s another form of transportation, the cycling is environmental friend because it doesn’t use any fuel like benzene or diesel but it uses only muscle strength, If your work is near from the house, it’s better to ride a bike it’s not only keep your body fit but it also limits air pollution which became following us even inside our homes.

6 – It strengths our Intestines:

The cycling lessens the time which you need to digest in our large intestines to be easier to pass food. As this sportive activity speeds up our breathe, it alerts the intestinal muscles shrinkage, it prevents our feeling of puff and satiety and it also protects us from Intestines cancer.

7-  It makes us looks younger:

If we ride a bike regularly it will protect our skin from harmful UV effects, it reduces our senility, it makes our blood cycle becomes energetic and it increases the efficacy of reaching the oxygen and nutrients to our skin cell, it make the skin getting ride of poisons in addition, the cycling enhances the collagen production inside our body that lessens the wrinkles and it hurries the heeling to be more beautiful, fitness, agility.

8 – It gives us a deep sleep:

In the beginning you may feel discomfort with riding the bikes in the early morning but we will find its benefits when we put our heads in the pillows in the evening and fall in a deep sleep easily. Only half an hour daily, It reduce the average of Insomnia to the half, because the cycling in the air in the daylights helps us to organize our biological clock, it makes our body getting ride of tension cortisone hormone which preventing us from a deep sleep.

9 – It lessens our Tiredness feeling:

Cyclists had lower levels of stress compared to non-cyclists, The increasing of blood flow and sweat makes the mood hormone production increases that leads to lessen stress levels, improve the health, increase the Self confidence, It’s an amusement mean. If you have a picnic by bike in green and beautiful area that’s enough to make you getting ride of tension, worry, fatigue and life pressure which surround you through one week work.

10 – It improves sexual life:

No one can deny this fact of the practice sportive training in any forms helps us to improve our sexual life, practicing it regularly helps to improve sexual abilities with men and it intensifies the heart, that reflects positively in the activeness and sexual health, it helps the women to delay menopause.

11- It stimulates our immune system:

Three or four times per week cycling is able to stimulate the immune system in our bodies that enhances and intensifies the immune cells to fight the different diseases, the cyclists is less susceptible to diseases than others.

11- It increases our lung capacity:

This sport is considered from aerial sports which leads to expand the Capillaries network in the long term which secures the blood reaching  from heart to the muscle fibers much more, so that oxygen reaching much more, so that the lung performance is improved so much, and the ability to breathing regularly and correctly.

 12 – The Coordination and the performance and overall balance in our bodies: 

The cycling is the activity that improves all body performance, the coordination of the performance of  arm, leg, thighs, foot, hands and the rest of the muscles of the body, In addition to the concentration and the seeing, all of that makes us stronger and more balance.

An important note:

This hobby is full of great benefits, But If you are going to practice it , First you should recognize some of important issues:

Consult your doctor:

Generally, most of people can ride bikes, but also that doesn’t prevent you from consulting your doctor if you think to mix it with your fitness program, so your doctor can introduce the advice with your abilities limit and what you should avoid to do.

So start step by step then increase your exercise. It’s advised that the beginner rider should ride a bike three times a week, or you can do that twice a week it’s also good, that depends on the ability of the trainer. Increase your speed gradually. The increasing of your speed gradually is important to the fitness, the cycling may be laborious to the body but the continues training makes you patient so Don’t be in a hurry to reach to your maximum energy. Prevention is better than cure.

Cycling hobby is great fun, But it is important that you have the proper equipment for the activity, do not forget appropriate clothing ,reflective light, elbow gloves and wearing a helmet.

The chance is towards us. It’s really chance to go out our homes and cars to practice it in the nature and Vigor and vitality. As The healthy and physical problems exceeded and traffic, environmental, financial, economic and social problems, so the invitation is serious “to use bikes” The fastest, healthiest, lowest cost mean. “Let’s try it alone and with groups, we wont lose anything but we will win.

Will you be the 1st trier to this healthy hobby?

Tell us in a comment and wait us, we still have more to help you to choose your hobby and to reach to professionalism.