In fact, travel is fun, rejuvenation and adventure, and not only that, we also leave a small part of us with our travel diaries, make memories through pictures, and know a lot about ourselves, it enriches the soul. This is why travel can be an addiction for many people around the world. Therefore, travel makes you able to see things that have never been seen before,

Traveling around the world, exploring new places and new cuisines, and learning more different cultures around the world is most people’s dream,

Tips for beginner Traveler :

1- Start somewhere easy :

Some places are easier to travel to than others. If this is your first time out of the country, it might be worth considering one of the easier destinations over, say 6 weeks on Bouvet Island or a quick jaunt up K2. But hey, if that’s what you want, go for it.

If you’re curious, check out 5 Easiest Places For The Novice International Traveler.

2) Get your phone sorted out :

There are few things more freeing than an unlocked smartphone. If your phone is unlocked you can get, probably, a local SIM card for cheap high-speed data, wherever you go. Forget overpriced travel data plans like those from Sprint and Verizon. Local SIM cards are the way to go.

Unless you have T-Mobile . Their Simple Choice plans get you unlimited international data in nearly every country. It’s pretty slow, however. I wrote about them in The Best Cellular Plan for Travelers

3- Choose The right luggage :

Buy a smaller bag than you think you might need, Some people like the hybrid backpack/rolly-bags, but I find them cumbersome. Avoid regular rolly bags, they’re more trouble than their worth. Big suitcases should be avoided at all costs.

4- get your gear :

when you travel you need some tools as :,Travel Alarm Clock, Swiss Army Knife,. Front-pocket wallet, Microfiber Towel, binder clips .

Advantages of Travel:

The benefits of traveling are not just a one-time thing: traveling changes you physically and psychologically. Having little time or money isn’t a valid excuse. You can fly for cheap very easily. If you have a full-time job and a family, you can still travel on the weekends or holidays, even with a baby.

1- Understanding Different Cultures:

people travelling always develop empathy and a deeper understanding of other cultures.

Being more understanding and tolerant about a culture different than ours is part of being smarter, but I consider it as a benefits of traveling in itself. There is a quote by Saint Augustine, which goes “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page”. You could think of it this way: if you read what’s in the news or watch the news on TV and don’t question it, you’re missing on a ton of information.

2- Learning a New Language:

If you are someone who’s learning a new language, travelling as a hobby can really help you out by immersing yourself in exactly that language you’re hoping to learn.

3-Re-Appreciating Your Home Country:

The longer you are away, the more you feel like a tourist in your own land when you return, the more you notice the buildings and landscape you’d gone past hundreds or times before without noticing and the more you appreciate everything from local pubs to your friendly corner-shop owner.

If a hobby is an activity done for enjoyment, than travelling as a hobby gives a dual benefit – the enjoyment of travel itself and then the enjoyment in a new-found love of your home country.

4-. Improves Social and Communication Skills”

One of the main benefits of travelling, especially to areas where your native language is not widely used, is that you learn how to communicate better with other people. Brushing up your knowledge on the most commonly used phrases or questions tourists ask can help you reach out to and relate better with the locals.

5-. Ensures Peace of Mind

Traveling forces us to temporarily disconnect from our normal routine, helping us appreciate the people and things we have around. As per a famous saying “we never know what we have until we lose it.”

6-Increase  your Confidence

Being in a place where you do not know anyone will assist you to gain confidence and presence of mind. You will develop the ability to cope with obstacles, which will make you a confident person.

If you like to learn an other outdoor hobby , you should to practice camping as a hobby