Walking is one of the most popular sports that are available to the old, the young, the rich and the poor, For women, girls, men and youth, If you want to get weight loss , the physician advises e you to walk .waking and It’s different type is very healthy hobby

If you suffer from diabetes, walking become treatment for more disease ,also. A walking is a magic cure for many diseases, especially the most prevalent diseases ., It is a free treatment that does not cost you anything, unlike other treatments that cost a lot.

walking’ is useful and healthy hobby , if you want to start this hobby , you should know about waking and It’s different type .

walking as a hobby :

walking is useful and healthy hobby , Especially a morning walk is a very useful exercise taken in the early hours of the morning. It is time when the mind is fresh and the body is active. It is rightly said, “Early to bed and early rise.

Regular brisk walking is unbelievable for weight management and your overall physical health. walking clubs and hiking make this healthy hobby and an enjoyable and versatile way to promote fitness.

What are the different types of walking ?

If you want to practice this hobby , you should aware of types walking,

There are many different types of walking, ranging from an amble ,A brisk walk

a casual stroll, a steady walk, a brisk walk, power walking, race walking, marathon walking , interval walking and Nordic walking.

1- An amble :

There’s no real plan or mission, no definite destination to get to quickly, just an amble along, looking at various shops and so on., you can go on an amble.

2- A brisk walk :

A brisk walk is steady walk actually has the same ambitions as you to lose weight get a bit of exercise, and enjoy some fresh air. They may want to up the ante and suggest that you meet once a week for a brisk walk. you can do this wish your friend it is very enjoyable and entertaining .

you can find the best time to make walking part of your daily schedule,

  • Morning: endeavor a brisk walk before work .or with your dog.
  • Lunchtime: A brisk walk is perfect for breaking up long bouts of sitting at work or school.
  • Evening: Walk off the stress of the day after work or dinner.

3- Interval walking :

Interval walking is alternating walking , steady pace with intense barrage of very fast walking or . The intervals are meant to be hard, so they’re quick typically lasting 30 seconds to a minute or two. Switching back to a slower, easier pace gives you a break and helps you recover before starting the next interval.

If you want to lose weight , interval walking can help you reach your goal faster. Intervals are intense bursts of vigorous exercise so they burn calories in about half the time as steady-state workouts,

4- Power walking :

Power walking is becoming more popular with people. Similar to a brisk walk, but just a little quicker, and using your arms to propel yourself too. It’s an all over exercise routine.

5- A steady walk :

steady walk is where the real work starts to begin. This is where you start to feel like you are doing a little bit of exercise. A steady walk will be paced at about 3 miles per hour.

6- A casual stroll :

a casual stroll is a part more than an amble, slightly quicker, maybe a little longer. The kind of walk that you would do at lunchtime if you know that you need to get some fresh air, but you have plenty of time and are not running errands.

7- Race walking :

a long-distance discipline within the sport of athletics. Although a foot race, it is different from running in that one foot must appear to be in contact with the ground at all times. If you have a competitive streak in you, you may want to take up race walking. If so, you will need to make sure you walk on your endurance as well as speed.

this post about walking and it’s type , we introduce the details about this type and the benefit of walking

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