If you want to be watch collector ? There is a big difference between having a number of watches you find fashionable or cool and being someone who acquires watches for very specific, often very personal reasons.

Someone who owns a lot of watches  may not have a full appreciation for why the items in their collection are worth owning. By comparison, a collector acquires watches for reasons beyond merely feeling that they look good to wear and in most instances seeks to have a deeper appreciation of stories behind the watches they strive to own.

Given the variety of watches and reasons to want them, it is difficult to offer broad advice to anyone who seeks to be a watch collector. With that said, over the course of my own journey through watch collecting and countless encounters with individuals with far more impressive collections than my own, So there is list of rules that should apply to anyone with the watch collecting bug.

Rules of watch collection:

1- You should  buy only what you like:

When you collect watches , sure you need to enjoy the items in your collection. Ideally you’ll actually wear all the watches you have – at least once in a while.

a lot of people feel compelled to acquire watches they might feel are “important”, but not interesting to wear. It is good advice to never buy a watch that isn’t comfortable or that otherwise doesn’t look good on your wrist. So remember that watches are a very personal item, and not having the desire to actually wear them prevents you from forming a close relationship with a watch  and that makes it barely worth having in your collection.

2- Resist Being Influenced As a Collector:

Beginner watch collectors usually begin their journey of collecting by investigating what more seasoned collectors have in their collection. displaying to a variety of watches, brands, and stories is the key to earning a watch education. With that said it is very important for watch collectors to never parrot or mimic the collecting habits of someone else.

You shouldn’t to  buy a watch simply because someone tells you that you should, or because someone you admire has one. Only buy a watch when you understand the purchase importance, can attest to the fairness of the price, and have a specific reason why you as a collector want the watch in your collection.

3- You shouldn’t consider wrist watches as appreciating investment :

It is conceivable to make money buying and selling watches, but it is also the exception rather than the rule. Like all investment markets, making money by prospectively purchasing a watch that you anticipate will increase in value is an exercise in human psychology more than it is searching long and far for the best watches.

Many collectors buy watches for “life,” without regard to their future value, and others only sell watches in when approached with a good offer or to fund other purchases. So these collectors sell timepieces for the “right reasons,” and those who buy something with the hope that their purchase will make them money down the road typically have much less satisfying, and ultimately more stressful, experiences as watch collectors.

4- Document Your Collecting History:

Few watch collectors actually take the time to record their journey. I suggest that junior watch collectors begin a journal with new entries made each time they purchase a watch. One of the biggest sources of value in a timepiece is the story behind it .So that story can be about the watch, but also about who bought the watch and why.

Collectors enhance the value of their own collection by recording when and why they purchased watches. This can be as simple as writing down why you wanted a watch to begin with, how long you were looking for it, where you bought it, and for how much.

The important thing is to have a transferable log that goes with each timepiece in your collection that you can include with the watch if you sell it or convey it as part of your estate.

5-you shouldn’t underrate the thrill of  The Hunt:

Collecting is hunting  and some deal are easier to get than others. The most rewarding trophies are those which require time, effort, and hard work to earn.

There are some watch collectors whose passion is more in the search for a timepiece as opposed to the timepiece itself. For these collectors their interest in a watches almost immediately diminishes once they acquire it. For them the desire to own it (and the accompanying reasons) along with the hunt for the watch is more appealing that the watch itself.

As well as to savor the thrill of a hunt and not jump to satisfy your desires without careful consideration of buying the right watch, and the right time, and for the right amount of money.

How to start watch collecting?

1- you should know the brand:

Whether you’re an aspiring collector or not this is a really good question to ask yourself. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of luxury watch brands out there and all of them are not created equal. Without a doubt there will be some brands you know straight away. Generally speaking these are the behemoths of the luxury watch world, with centuries of history to back them up and healthy marketing budgets too. There are other smaller brands too, which are also worthy of your attention but they will take a bit more digging to find.

2- you should to decide you want to collect new watches or second -hand:

Given that this is your first luxury watch we are talking about, I can understand that your first thought would be to get something brand new. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that and in fact if you do your research there’s some really good deals out there to be had. Plus buying brand new gives you peace of mind, you will be the first person to wear the watch, it will be covered by a warranty and you can be assured of its authenticity.

That being said, if you’re willing to expand your search to include the second-hand market you can get some truly amazing deals on watches that are still in excellent condition. Not surprisingly though it’s super important to know who you’re buying from in this instance, which brings us to the final question.

3- you should know the seller :-

 really , you can’t overstate how important it is to do your research first to ensure a safe, secure and overall happy transaction, especially when shopping online. The goal of CHRONEXT is to always offer a transparent and trustworthy online platform for the sale and purchase of luxury watches. If you have a question or you’re not sure about the feature on a certain watch or whether it comes with a warranty or whatever the case may be, just reach out to us and ask. We are always ready to help and want to make the process of buying your first luxury watch as seamless and as enjoyable as possible.