The hobby is  various activities, that the human does. He should do, learn or practice in his spare time, or for pleasure, benefit, relaxation. The human may have more than one because it gives him the relaxation he needs after long overwork day. It gets back to valuable information to the human. Or it makes him gain new activity. It increases of friends circle who practice some hobby with him, it often achieves financial benefits.
Any human, poor, rich, old, young, sick or healthy can learn or practice his hobby whatever his age, job, income, or his social level.

We can define the hobby also as a tend to practice specific behavior whatever it’s moral or physical. it has great relation leads to spend a lot of money to craziness and to be also his source of livelihood.    
It is related to instinctive human desire towards things in internal and external medium, seeking to make relationships makes him feel his ambition and his dreams are about to be achieved. If he continues to do or practice his hobby he became effective part, interactive or variable in this world in his limits.

The hobby may be individual as in (writing poetry, reading). It also may be collective as in (theatrical and artistic) hobbies. Also there are hobbies not only cost a lot of money  but also need riches or wealth as collecting classic cars.

Everyone of us needs a hobby assisting him and helps him to overcome his loneliness, avoid nervousness and anxiety which is accumulated from hardworking of everyday life, by practicing our hobby we can explode our internal and external energy. What we all need in doing a hobby, that we need to convince that hobby gain a lot of benefits and its necessity after long ruling or judgment of awareness and wakeful. Then renew our intention to repeating practice. That repetitive practice leads to its stability, that needs perseverance.
But the most important thing that you choose one  that’s possible morally and Physically to not exceeding our power, then our disability leads to leave It. The best means to get benefits of our free time are having many interests, works and studies. Not having only way to earn money and feeling relief.
As said” good habit keeps us from bad  habit, because bad habit  takes up a lot of time and effort.

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