This question comes to our mind with some of depression, nervousness, anxiety، which are acquired from our internal and external world.To know the persuaded answers to this question,1st you should:

Remove the depression and tenseness which join our minds and our life. How can I remove this negative feelings which has become having a part of our mental ideas that to start to practice hobby. Yes, this is great benefit which you have through practicing a hobby to relieve or remove negative feelings and daily stress because of overwork or daily life this is the 1st benefit which you have through practicing your hobby.
By practicing the hobby, you will have enormous benefits.

These some of the benefits:

1- It gives the mind chance to relax, to stop thinking of hard problems, to get back having more awareness, sight.

2- It gets us out of daily routine prison, that makes us renew the way we are thinking, refresh our minds, duplicate the creativity and innovation.

3- It gives us the culture , which has never  come by chance, the culture is acquired through search and learning, so the hobby opens all the doors and roads to have valuable, useful information which increases our trials and affect our experiences and deepen our capacity.

4- It is the right way to occupy our free time instead of wasting it of something against our faith and culture.

5- It breaks up the  loneliness, expand our friends, neighbors especially if they have the same hobbies.

6- It has an effect in the old, sick people, it occupies their free time, make them feel that they are in the past life, the hobby decreases the pains, it may be a reason for healing from some of psychological and physical diseases.

7- It may be main resources or extra resources of income and earning money to some people, that depends on the type of hobby and the desire of the person and his goal.

8- It is habit which kills the laziness, depression, Indolence, Adjusting the mood, feeling active and Vividness, Vitality.

 9- It makes us recognize the time value, it makes us getting ride of bad habits especially in teenage.

10- It is a source of inspiration of new and creative ideas, make your feeling free, time to joy and happiness, chance to choose, abreaction of stress and passion, desire to success, that’s the hope to Survival and continues.

The hobby benefits may differ from person to another according to his practice and the goal that you gain .

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